Following are some of the endorsements my handmade flute has received over the years from highly respected, professional flute players.

William Bennett Well known flautist and teacher

“Stephen Wessel's flutes have three distinctively superior features: the first being their most excellent scale, the second being in the quality of the mechanism, where the key cups are turned out of solid metal with a perfectly flat base, which is the ideal condition for the stability of the pads. The third feature is that they are the only flutes made with Rockstro Clutches, with screw adjusters, set well away from the mechanism axis. This gives extra sensitive and accurate adjustments between the linked keys. These are most beautifully made and reliable instruments.”

Ileana Ruhemann Principal Flute, BBC Concert Orchestra

“I have been Principal Flute with the Orchestra since 1989 and have played my Wessel flute, No 23 with a John Webb headjoint, for all of that time. I have tried many different makes of flute over the years and remain most impressed by Wessel models. I think of my flute as very mechanically reliable and immediately responsive. The pure, focused sound I can obtain on it blends well with other instruments and the tone is beautifully even throughout the range of the instrument. I have always felt able to produce a big sound in the orchestra and to explore quiet playing with ease.”

Michelle Caimotto Freelance orchestral player (including San Francisco Symphony, Opera and Ballet) and teacher, San Francisco, California US

"Whether performing chamber music, in a recording studio, or with a world class Symphony in the finest concert halls of North America or Europe, the Wessel flute provides me with a beautiful, resonant, colorful sound. The flute responds with great ease, projects extremely well, has a wide dynamic range, and has a fantastic scale. The mechanism is efficient: light, quick, and very comfortable in my hands. I enjoy playing my Wessel flute more than any other, and I continue to receive many lovely comments from colleagues and concert - goers about the beautiful sound and design of this remarkable instrument."

Adrian Brett Well known flautist, writer and lecturer

"Since 1962 I have played a vintage Louis Lot flute, made in Paris in 1882, which I bought at that time for £75. If I lost it or had to sell it, I am certain that only a Stephen Wessel flute could take its place."

"No other modern maker to my knowledge takes the care preparing the body tube that Stephen does. So much of the resonance and depth of the flute sound comes from the properties of the body tube and its ability to vibrate freely. This, in the case of a Wessel flute, is greatly enhanced by having a superbly engineered lightweight stainless steel mechanism, half the weight of that in a conventional instrument, allowing the resonating properties of the tube to react freely to the air and not to be dampened by the weight of the mechanism. I unhesitatingly recommend the Wessel flute for its unique tonal character, superb engineering and outstanding attention to every detail in its handmade creation."

Judith Hall Professor of Flute, Birmingham Conservatoire formerly Principal Flute, Royal Opera House

“Stephen Wessel flutes are excellent in every way. Each one I have tried (and that's quite a few) sounds and responds alike. This consistency is very unusual and makes it so much easier to order with confidence. All his flutes articulate effortlessly and have a wonderful evenness of tone throughout the compass. The top register is particularly flexible, allowing an extreme pianissimo without loss of carrying power. Stephen's stainless steel keywork is now well known and may well be responsible for the fine qualities of his flutes.”

Visit Judith Hall's website www.judithhall.co.uk

Clare Langan Soloist and recording artist

“I have been the proud owner of a Webb & Wessel flute for the past eleven years. The instrument is only limited by my imagination. It always yields effortlessly to every nuance I wish to express.”