All flutes have solid silver bodies, silver soldered tone holes, stainless steel semi "pinless" mechanism (see Questions for explanation), hardened rods and screws, walnut case and leather carrying bag. Variations in key profile and position, spring material and tensioning can be accommodated, usually at no extra cost. Additional keywork can be supplied if required. There is a choice of in-line, fully offset or semi-offset G. B foot joints are fitted with a gizmo key as standard. This is situated slightly above the E flat key, where it will be reached comfortably. Head joints are not supplied.


Please note that a free service (excluding postage or other carriage costs) is included within the first year of ownership. Thereafter it is recommended that a general service be carried out annually either by myself, or if more convenient by a competent flute repairer. This will ensure that your flute remains in the best possible playing condition.

Terms of Business

A deposit of £400 is required with each order. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The balance will become payable on completion of the instrument and prior to delivery. A seven-day trial period is allowed. Each flute is covered by a 12-month guarantee against faulty workmanship or materials: any defect will be put right free of charge (excluding postage) within this period. I reserve the right to annul this guarantee in the event that repairs or alterations have been carried out by others without my knowledge.

Methods of payment

No facility for on line payment is available at present. Please email me to discuss the options.




Description Price (UK Sterling) August 2014
Standard flute, open hole or covered hole, with C foot £6476
Standard flute, open hole or covered hole, with B foot £6815
E mechanism £257
High G# mechanism (recommended with B foot) £136
Separate B foot £1534
Separate C foot £1195
Polished black inlay on all keys £460
c# trill mechanism £437

VAT is not payable on the above prices